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Our First Two Months in Hawai’i


September 6th marked two months on the Big Island of Hawai’i!!

If you don’t know why the heck we moved to Hawaii, here it is in a nutshell: we’re living in a barn apartment on our friend’s ranch to help care for the property. We’ll be here for at least a year!

We LOVE farm life. It reminds me (Staci) a lot of Ohio, but you can see a volcano on the horizonand be at the beach in just 25 minutes.

We spent our first two weeks in strict quarantine per Hawaii’s travel policy, which we were more than happy to do to ensure the safety of anyone around us.

Thankfully I’ve had a lot of work to do for clients, and Trev has been helping a lot around the property. (New post and video coming soon about our journey here and our quarantine experience!)

Life on the Farm

Absolutely breathtaking views right outside of our window. We love waking up each morning to a sky full of golden clouds. It rains almost every day, but typically it’s warm and sunny with a good breeze and big, fluffy clouds rolling by. It gets chilly where we live, but warm beaches and turquoise waters are just a short drive away.

When we first arrived, there were 10 cows in the pastures and a baby calf that was due shortly. Well, two months in, and almost every cow has had a baby! The calves love to run around with each other. Another was born just this morning so it shares a birthday with Trevor!

Slowly we’ve added more and more animals. We brought in two older hens a while back, and just recently added four younger girls. Trevor built a brand new “Chicken Tractor” so we could move them around until we build a larger, more permanent coop. They are pretty vocal and seem very happy!

Two lambs arrived last week (both boys) named Scotch and Whiskey. They’re also living in a makeshift pen. We spent an afternoon setting up the stakes and fencing with a little shelter from the rain. They’re so playful, but of course very shy.

We’ve also brought in a new little friend which we’ll be sharing about on our YouTube Channel very soon – so make sure you hit that subscribe button!

Some of the gals
Gift from my sis!

Around the Island

There are a couple of grocery stores and little shops nearby in Waimea but we have to drive to Kona to go to Costco or Target (that’s about all there is for shopping) which is a 45-minute drive. We like to make a day out of it and try to only go once every few weeks, so meal planning and stocking the freezer and pantry have been super important!

Another favorite for groceries has been visiting the local outdoor farmer’s markets. There’s an awesome market on Wednesdays that we can go to (masks on, of course.) We love to chat with the vendors and learn about the island and culture. Everyone has been incredibly warm and welcoming.

We’ve visited a few beaches, all completely unique from one another. Snorkel adventures coming your way soon too!

At Waimea Parker Ranch Farmer’s Market


It’s difficult to be away from family and friends, but we are truly having an amazing time. We’re grateful to have access to so much outdoor beauty. It’s been really replenishing.

Life has been pretty busy, so our YouTube posting is a bit behind – but we’ve been working hard on some fun content to share with you about this beautiful island!



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